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Following the events of a zombie apocalypse, the world would obviously be in complete and utter chaos. People would be scrambling to save themselves, and it would totally make sense that in the fight for life they would lose contact with friends and family.

Last week we were introduced to a brand new community, lead by the staunch Jadis. At the moment there are various names for the group floating around, including "Garbage Pail Kids," "The Scavengers" and "The Heapsters," but whatever you choose to call them their introduction has been a total breath of fresh air.

Along with Jadis's community being introduced in Episode 10, we also travelled back to the Kingdom where we witnessed an awkward exchange with the Saviors, and something else which prompted a theory from Redditor mbdnr that perhaps the Heapsters and the Kingdom were more linked than we realized.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Just before the exchange with the Saviors, you'll remember Kingdom member, Diane shot a female walker before noting that her sister had the same dress as the one the walker was wearing. While The Huffington Post claimed that this was the writers cheekily acknowledging that all of the female walkers in seem to wear dresses, Reddit thinks it might have tied into another character we saw later in the episode.

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[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

You'll probably remember Tamiel best when she was simply known as "Boots," the mystery person spying on Rick, Aaron and Alexandria, and who forced Gabriel to bring the communities supplies to the junkyard. However, after finally getting to see Tamiel's face (especially while she was being held by Gabriel) many viewers couldn't help but note the similarities between her and Diane:

Diane versus Tamiel - are they sisters? [Credit: AMC]
Diane versus Tamiel - are they sisters? [Credit: AMC]

And given Diane's earlier mention of a sister, they theory suggests that the two characters might be sisters! One Redditor who knows both actresses even pointed to a photo of the pair together, though they did also mention that they were friends prior to starring on the series.

But if this theory seems a little crazy to you, remember that it wouldn't be the first time in the show we've seen estranged siblings pop up! You might remember in Season 7, Episode 3 we met Dr. Emmett Carson at Negan's base, who is the brother of Hilltop's own doctor, Dr. Harlan Carson. While we're yet to find out why the pair ended up living at different communities, it seems destined to be a subplot when the two groups go to war against each other.

Harlan and Emmett Carson [Credit: AMC]
Harlan and Emmett Carson [Credit: AMC]

With the two women clearly capable fighters, and Rick busy assembling an army, it will be interesting to see if the two women ever opt to join Rick's cause and in the process end up either meeting, or reuniting.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 11 on February 26


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Source: Reddit, The Huffington Post

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