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After dropping on Netflix just before the weekend, there's no doubt many Marvel fanatics have based their weekend around binge watching the third installment in Netflix's Marvel series, Luke Cage.

After first being introduced in Jessica Jones, Mike Colter reprised his role as the titular Luke Cage to finally properly acquaint audiences with the hero for hire - and acquaint he did! Being part of the Marvel universe, the series was crammed full of links to the wider MCU, as well as containing an incredible amount of easter eggs and references.

But, after joining Cage through 13 episodes your life is undoubtedly feeling a little empty right now, so to ease the transition out of Harlem and back to reality, here's six other TV series that undoubtedly have a similar vibe to Luke Cage to help you through:

1 & 2. Jessica Jones & Daredevil

Daredevil and Jessica Jones [Netflix]
Daredevil and Jessica Jones [Netflix]

How many seasons? Daredevil 2, Jessica Jones 1

The first two offerings from the Marvel's Netflix series, I've grouped these shows together for obvious reasons.

The first Marvel series, Daredevil follows lawyer, Matt Murdock as he uses his heightened senses — gained after being blinded as a child — to fight crime in New York's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood as the superhero Daredevil. Murdock faces challenges in the form of crime lord Wilson Fisk, as well as the Frank Castle a.k.a the Punisher.

Meanwhile, Jessica Jones centers in on a troubled former superhero who currently runs her own detective agency. However, just when Jones is trying to rebuild her life, her past and present collide and Jessica is forced to confront the man who destroyed her - the evil Kilgrave.

Forming the first of four series to be released on Netflix, Daredevil and Jessica Jones were immediately embrace by Marvel fans, excited by the high quality story-telling and quality acting. While Daredevil Season 2 was released earlier this year, fans still have Season 2 of Jessica Jones to look forward to in 2018.

3. The Wire

Dominic West as Jimmy in The Wire [HBO]
Dominic West as Jimmy in The Wire [HBO]

How many seasons? 5

Gritty and full of realistic characters, there's no superheroes in The Wire, but perhaps the cops of inner-city Baltimore are the next best thing.

Each season of The Wire zones in on a different institution in the city of Baltimore and its relation with law enforcement. The first season follows the inner-city drug scene and its investigation by the Baltimore police department, triggered after a drug dealer is acquitted of murder following a key witness changing her story.

During it's original five year run The Wire received average ratings, and never won any major awards. However, the series is frequently regarded as the best TV series of all time, and praise for its realistic characters and world. The series has influenced many other notable people, including The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

4. The Get Down


How many seasons? 1

One of the most refreshing and surprising elements of Luke Cage is the way it dives headfirst into a largely black community without pandering to outdated stereotypes. For another series with a mostly black cast of well-drawn characters, check out The Get Down, also on Netflix.

Like Luke Cage, The Get Down has a truly killer soundtrack varying from funk to hip-hop to disco and back, and follows a group of kids trying to navigate youth, drugs, sex, poverty and ambition to make it in the Bronx, a neighborhood where opportunities didn't come easily in the '70s.

More similarities with Luke Cage? It's smart as hell, funny, stylish, and it'll make you want to be a part of these kids' world - and by the time the six episodes have flashed past, you'll be ready to get down on Saturday night.

5. Boardwalk Empire

Nucky and the gang
Nucky and the gang

How many seasons? 5

Look, you don't need any excuse to check out Boardwalk Empire. From Terence Winter, head writer on The Sopranos, Boardwalk follows Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), a corrupt politician conspiring with various gangsters during the Prohibition era. Nucky thinks he can have it all, which, in the realm of television, usually means he's going to end up with nothing.

The cast also includes Michael Shannon and Kelly Macdonald — that's pedigree. Similarities with Luke Cage? Let's start with the style. Boardwalk looks phenomenal, doing a similar job to Marvel's show in transforming an area not known for its visual glamor (in this case, New Jersey) into somewhere you'd pretty much kill to spend time.

Like Luke, Nucky is a formidable character — more morally corrupt, but equally magnetic, troubled and determined to win out. One of the show's taglines is "You can't be half a gangster," which relates surprisingly well to the dilemma facing Luke: Are you a superhero, or are you not? There's no middle ground here. Dive into Boardwalk, and you'll be greeted with one of the best-written series on television.

6. Treme

How many seasons? 4

It's not set in New York, but New Orleans-based Treme is another series which will use its musical to win you over.

Taking its title from a neighborhood in New Orleans, it shouldn't come a surprise that Treme is set three months after the events of Hurricane Katrina as the residents of the area attempt to rebuild their lives, home and culture following the devastation. The series particularly follows many of the different music scenes in the city, which will naturally appeal if the music was the tipping point for you with Luke Cage.

Filled to the brim with top notch actors, the stand out for any viewer will undoubtedly be the musical performers. Not to mention that if the gritty feel of Harlem particularly stuck out to you during Luke Cage, you're going to love the realism of New Orleans in Treme.


Which series are you running off to watch after finishing Luke Cage?


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