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In case you hadn't heard, one of our favorite childhood book characters, Captain Underpants, is getting his very own big screen adaptation in 2017 thanks to DreamWorks.

Despite having a brilliant studio and an all-star voice cast assembled, news on the details of the film is thin on the ground, and us fans are getting restless. Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants series is iconic, and people are thoroughly pumped to see this controversial character (seriously, the Captain Underpants novels are some of the most commonly banned books in America!) brought to life on the big screen. However, there are a few details from the books that fans are certain have to be included to make the film a success, check them out below:

1. The film starting with George and Harold rearranging a sign

Classic George and Harold! [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]
Classic George and Harold! [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]

The start of the first eight Captain Underpants books could always be counted upon to include George and Harold rearranging a sign to make a funny phrase. There's no question that this has to be included in the film adaptation, so fingers crossed for the funniest rearranged sign yet!

2. A part of the film titled with "to make a long story short"

To make a long story short: We need it.

3. A sequence using The World's Cheesiest Animation Technology a.k.a Flip-O-Rama.

Every Captain Underpants book has a section containing a Flip-O-Rama, where readers were encouraged to embrace the world's cheesiest animation technology and quickly flip between two pages in order to see an animated picture. Adding your own sound effects was also highly encouraged during Flip-O-Ramas. There's no doubt this will be a highly anticipated feature in the Captain Underpants movie, and though it might be a little hard to integrate into a film, I'm willing to be the writers will find a way.

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4. George and Harold making comics

The comics from Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]
The comics from Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]

Everyone knows that the Captain Underpants book contains at least two comics, so if the film doesn't include our fave boys George and Harold creating and selling their stories, it just wouldn't be the same. Besides, surely a comic would be the perfect way to introduce a story in the opening credits, right?

5. The boy who spots Captain Underpants, George and Harold, and his mother who won't believe him

That poor boy [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]
That poor boy [Dav Pilkey/Scholastic]

These minor characters crop up in a ton of Captain Underpants books, and would fit seamless into the Captain Underpants movie as a clever reference for fans of the book series.

6. The film ending with George and Harold clinging to Captain Underpants cape

Let's be honest, kids and adults alike are going to love Captain Underpants when it hits cinemas and DreamWorks must already imagining of a sequel. So what better way to leave the film open to a sequel then to end it with the iconic book ending?! Every book in the Captain Underpants series ends with the boys clinging to Captain Underpants cape, and one of them saying "Oh no!" while the other yells "here we go again!" It's a classic line, and the perfect open-ended ending - writers, you're welcome.

Captain Underpants is currently scheduled to fly into theaters on June 2, 2017

What do you want to see in Captain Underpants the most?

Go Poopypants, go! [Dav Pilkey/YouTube]
Go Poopypants, go! [Dav Pilkey/YouTube]

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