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Found footage style horrors seem to build a new trend in the scary genre nowadays: a couple of big found-footage franchises are releasing a sequel this year with films like Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and [REC 4] Apocalypse. Now the Butcher Brothers are joining the trend with Raised by Wolves, featuring found footage and also a porn star.

The Butcher Brothers are the filmmaking alter-egos of directors and , who also helmed April Fool's Day and The Hamiltons. Their new found-footage styled shock, Raised by Wolves, features a group of extreme skaters, who fall prey to a demonic cult leader in a haunted house they discover while searching for a place to skate. The realistic depiction of a skater community could be an interesting touch, but on the other hand, the usual "running blind with the camera and crying" scenes are coming. The movie is currently in post-production and this is the first international trailer. It stars porn star , , and . Take a look:

Raised By Wolves (2014) Trailer - For more amazing video clips, click here

The synopsis reads:

When a group of extreme skaters go searching for an empty pool rumored to be behind an abandoned house in the barren desert, they learn they should not have ignored the rumors that the house is haunted by a demonic presence and a dark history of occultism. What follows is a terrifying tale of evil possession causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.

(source: Bloody-disgusting)

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