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We all saw and enjoyed the heck out of Sam Mendes' Skyfall. Bond was back in top form, found is groove as the sports-fan's bond and Dame was sent off in style. We knew the movie rocked, but one thing no one predicted was its worldwide domination at the box office.

According to The Wrap:

[Skyfall] took in $4.6 million this weekend in North America for a total of $289.6 million. Overseas, the film grossed $10.3 million for an international total to date of $710.6 million and a worldwide total exceeding $1 billion and growing.

For a Bond movie, that's insane. The movie has yet to open in the massively influential Chinese market, so those yuan have yet to come rolling in. Skyfall is set to hit China January 21st, so stay tuned to see if Bond can beat the $2 billion mark. (Unlikely.)

Skyfall gains the honor of being by far the classiest picture in the coveted Billion Dollar Club as it joins the ranks of big-budget genre fare like Avatar, Titanic, The Avengers and Nolan's final two Dark Knights. For James Bond to join the ranks of these titans of cinema (James Cameron, Iron Man and Batman) is quite the achievement for a franchise that embodies everything the world loves and hates about the former empire. The secret? I believe Bond and his franchise always had the capacity to break this record, all he needed was some good word of mouth. Trust to deliver the thinking man's Bond which got everyone whispering at just how fantastic it was before the movie was even released. After that, word spread and the rest, ash they shay Mish Moneypenny, ish hishtory.

This announcement was made by Jeff Blake, chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures and Gary Barber, MGM's chairman and chief executive, both of whom also issued gushing personal validations of the movie:

Blake said:

To see a film connect with audiences is always gratifying but the success of this film is nothing short of extraordinary, We couldn't be more excited for Michael Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig, and especially the fans who put James Bond in this very rare and very exclusive billion dollar box office club.

Barber also commented:

It is truly thrilling to reach this incredible milestone, with tremendous gratitude to Barbara and Michael, Sam, Daniel and our partner Sony, and to all of the dedicated distributors and fans across the globe, we are so proud of both Skyfall and our 50 year association with James Bond.

How heartwarming. It's one of the rare occasions where I'm genuinely delighted that a movie is enjoying the success it deserves. Skyfall was a gritty character study disguised as a Bond-tastic blockbuster and with its poignant ending, Mendes proved you can save the world with lots of charm and lots of heart. Well earned 007, well earned.


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