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Matt Carter

Skyfall scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are teaming up once again to pen the script for the television remake of Barbarella, according to THR. The project was given the green light a few months back, and will be helmed by Drive director .

The show is based on Jean-Claude Forest's 1960's comic, which embodied the ideas of the sexual revolution that took place during the 60s, and was later made into a movie starring Jane Fonda. It followed the exploits of a sexy sci-fi heroine who had adventures through space. There was also the Excessive Machine, which caused death by orgasm in it's victims. I've tried to find one on eBay, but no luck so far.

Purvis and Wade have made their names penning the last five James Bond movies, so Barbarella is definitely a change in direction for the pair. With Refn directing though, I'm pretty confident they're going to bring sexy back.

There's no news yet on an air date, so stick close for updates.

As for me, I'm off to see if I can nab the part of Dildano.

Is Barbarella a turn on or not really your thing? Drop a comment below.


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