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Mark Newton

We recently reported that would not be returning to the James Bond director's chair anytime soon. Luckily, one of the writers of Skyfall, John Logan, isn't in such a hurry to leave. He is also down to pen the next two Bond movies. In a recent interview with The Financial Times, he laid out his vision for a new, more character driven Bond franchise:

Fleming's courage in showing Bond's fear and vulnerability and depression was really interesting and something that a modern audience can accept. I think Skyfall demonstrated that they want more layers to that character. And those are the layers that Fleming wrote.

Personally I'm all for showing the complexities behind the world's most famous super-spy. The rumors that Spectre and 25 will encompass a two-parter is also a particularly exciting prospect.

Do you like this approach, or do you just want fast cars and explosive gadgets? Let us know below.


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