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J.D. Dillard's 2017 superhero movie feels like a breath of fresh air, taking the superhero genre back to its old-school roots of the more homegrown hero. Unlike the steady stream of yearly superhero blockbusters from Marvel and DC, Sleight's new trailer reminds us that sometimes being a hero is just about protecting the people you love — no capes, no doomsday scenarios, no spotlight ... just a touch of reality and a whole lot of heart. Watch it below:

The movie revolves around the life of a talented young street magician named Bo (Jacob Latimore), who becomes the legal guardian of his younger sister after his parents tragically pass away. Seeking to provide for her, Bo turns to shady criminal figures — quickly falling in over his head as he maneuvers his way through the criminal underworld.

Bo must use his mysterious talents, which appear to be more than just simple magic tricks and illusions, to save his sister's life.

Bo's street act, a simple trick or something much more? [Credit: Universal]
Bo's street act, a simple trick or something much more? [Credit: Universal]

The Sleight trailer definitely gives us a better look at Bo's seemingly magical abilities than the initial teaser; they seem like telekinesis or magnetism. Regardless, don't go in expecting to see city-destroying levels of special effects, but do expect to see the creative ways in which Bo uses his unique abilities — with Bo attempting to amplify his talents even further with technology.

Such augmentations draw parallels to Iron Man, but what feels even more appropriate is the comparison to the 2012 superhero hit Chronicle. In many ways, Sleight feels like a spiritual successor of sorts to Chronicle, with both focusing on high-schoolers with powerful abilities.

With that being said, Sleight definitely looks to be an origin movie and may hopefully be the first in a new line of superhero movies. There's even an upcoming tie-in comic book that acts as a prequel and further expands on this interesting take on the superhero genre.

Even though Sleight debuted at the Film Festival way back in January 2016, it will be appearing in cinemas on April 28th — a long wait for those who missed its premiere, but hopefully one that will be worth it.

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