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Jacob Latimore is the star in the film Sleight, which is currently playing in theaters. While this may be one of Jacob's biggest roles as a lead, he's no stranger to sharing the big screen with notable Hollywood actors. He's been in films with actors such as Angela Bassett, Ed Norton, Forest Whitaker, Will Smith, Kate Winslet and more.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jacob Latimore and talk about his latest movie . During the interview we talked about his film career and the great actors he's worked with. Given his lengthy resume, I asked him if there was anyone left in Hollywood that he would like to work with.

Jacob Latimore: "Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx. Robert Downey Jr. is another person I want to work with."

These were all outstanding selections of talent to work with. Robert Downey Jr. is among one of Hollywood's most talented movie stars, and both Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx are both Best Actor Oscar winners. Surely if Jacob were to be in a movie with anyone of these actors, it would have a great recipe for success.

However, this wasn't really surprising to hear that a young actor like Jacob would want to share the screen with some of the top actors in Hollywood. What was surprising was Jacob's top choice in regards to the actor he really wanted to work with the most.

Jacob Latimore: "I would want to work with Shia LaBeouf."

That certainly seemed like pick straight out of left field. Compared to the actors previously mentioned, Shia LaBeouf's name would not usually be brought up in the same group. That does not mean LaBeouf is a bad actor; Jacob certainly believes that LaBeouf is hard working.

Jacob Latimore: "Yeah, I just feel like he gives so much. If you really pay attention to him, in like Transformers, or even go all the way back to 'Even Stevens,' like his energy...he just gives his all. I love every movie he's ever been in...I love his energy. I feel like that's somebody I want to work with."

Unfortunately for LeBeouf, he hasn't had the best luck lately. His latest movie, Man Down reportedly only sold three tickets in the UK. Since the US Presidential election, he's taken up more of an activist role as well. This has led to him being arrested during one of his protests. One thing's for sure however, LeBeouf does have a lot of energy.

If you were on the fence about seeing Sleight, feel free to check out this spoiler-free review here. Sleight is currently playing in theaters.

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