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His loss may have been overshadowed by the death of original cast member Glenn Rhee, but Abraham's demise was still a wire-wrapped bat blow to Walking Dead fans. The Walking Dead S07E01 cracked out a brutal start by killing off glorious ginger-'stached Sergeant Abraham Ford. Abe died with dignity, spitting out his last words — an unforgettable, very in-character "Suck my nuts!" — before the death blow fell.

What you might not have noticed is that Abraham subtly gestured to his girlfriend, Sasha, before he died— and she knew exactly what that meant.

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The peace sign Abraham flashed to Sasha is "their thing," and it started back at the start of The Walking Dead Season 6, when their romance first began to blossom. Check out this clip of them merrily peace-signing each other in TWD S06E01, "First Time Again."

Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham so loyally throughout The Walking Dead, told HuffPo that that peace sign before Abe bit the bat was very much intentional:

"The peace sign was something that ran with Abraham and Sasha throughout the whole series. It was this unspoken, very loaded peace sign."

TWD maven Greg Nicotero also commented on the gesture:

"That was something that Michael [Cudlitz] added, and it was a beautiful little moment. As soon as he said, ‘You remember the first episode,’ I knew exactly what he was talking about. I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ That little peace sign was to her and audience members who remember watching the Season 6 premiere would probably notice that.”

Crying? Who's crying? Shut up. You are.

The peace sign again in S06E11
The peace sign again in S06E11

Of course, to British viewers, doing the peace sign nails forward is a rude gesture akin to "fuck off" (it's what you'd do instead of flipping the bird to someone who cut you up in traffic, for example). This is a nice contrast that works well with Abe's lovable personality: He's rough yet thoughtful, brash but loving, he's "suck my nuts" and he's also one last dying gesture to the woman he loves. Peace out, Abe.


Did you notice Abraham's peace sign to Sasha in 'The Walking Dead' S07E01?

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