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Before superhero movies became as big as they are today, comic book fans enjoyed Smallville, a show which followed a young Kal-El/Clark Kent (Tom Welling) throughout his youth before becoming the Superman we know and love today.

Over the course of 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, audiences were given an in-depth look into Clark's teenage years as he struggled with the problems of everyday life and the burden of his Kryptonian legacy. It's because of this particular show that Tom Welling continues to be synonymous with the DC hero, but the actor has recently stated that he's not interested in reprising his most iconic role.

The Death Of The Original CW Superman: Tom Welling Leaves Superman Behind

'Smallville' [Credit: The CW]
'Smallville' [Credit: The CW]

While talking to Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming show Lucifer, where he plays Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, was asked if he ever thought about reprising . The actor revealed that even if there were multiple offers for him to return as Superman on a Smallville revival and even on the hit-show , he simply has no interest in returning as Clark.

"I definitely didn't want to play Clark Kent again."

He then expounded that he has nothing against the beloved character, but didn't want to do more of the same. Welling compared his character to his Smallville days, and said that he feels that he has more to work with when playing the charismatic lieutenant than portraying the would-be Man of Steel.

"The great thing about [Clark Kent] is he didn't know who he was and he didn't know what he was supposed to do with what he had and his abilities. This character very much knows what he's capable of and knows what he wants to do and knows how to do it, so as much fun as that is to play, it wasn't necessarily because of Clark that I chose this character. It was so many more factors than just, 'I don't want to play Clark again,' but I'd be lying if I was saying that I do not enjoy playing something very different for sure."

Given that Welling played the same character for the better part of a decade, his choice to close the chapter on his days as the mild-mannered Clark Kent is understandable. Though this may come as bad news to nostalgic Smallville fans, it's good to know that Tom Welling has progressed as an actor and has continued to improve his craft since the popular CW show ended six years ago.

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