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Here are some more The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug spoilers coming your way, so pack some lembas bread, grab a flagon of Barliman's Best and come with me as we take a journey to Middle Earth.

Warning, mild spoilers follow. Do not read if you want to remain pure of heart and mind.

The guys over at have been doing their homework and, having studiously pored over The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Annual 2014, have managed to glean some mild spoilers, plot points and character developments for The Hobbit sequel.

First up we're heading to the Halls of the Elven-king.

  • Thranduil has ordered that his elves are not to leave the forest, and they’re not to have anything to do with any other race (especially the dwarves).
  • When Thorin & co are captured, Thranduil guesses they’re going to the Lonely Mountain and will release the dwarves to go on their way, for a promise of a cut of the gold. But Thorin refuses, so he imprisons them.
  • Legolas isn’t as set in his ways as his Dad.
  • Tauriel is at odds with Thranduil and doesn’t understand, or agree with, his segregation. She’s ‘very headstrong’ and ‘doesn’t always follow orders’.
  • Tauriel is ‘quite unlike other Elves’ and it’s hinted that she quite likes the dwarves (or is, at least, intrigued by them).
  • The wood elves give chase through the forest when the dwarves escape in barrels, but don’t follow them out of the forest.
  • Except for Tauriel, who does follow then to Lake-town (defying Thranduil) and Legolas who decides to follow Tauriel (because he’s ‘very protective of her’).
  • Bilbo may get separated at some point in the escape.

Now we're going to head on down to Laketown:

  • Bard discovers the dwarves as they wash up in their barrels (because he’s a ‘great hunter and often spends his time in the hills around the river leading from Mirkwood into the Long Lake’), and eventually decides to trust them and take them to Lake-town.
  • Bard has three children: Bain, Sigrid and Tilda (which explains the ‘injured girl’ in the piece above and is possibly part of his motivation for helping the dwarves?)

Finally, we're going to end our little sightseeing vacation of Middle Earth by checking out what's going on at Dol Guldur:

  • Gandalf may do some of the following in Dol Guldur: unlock a gate; see things that aren’t really there/things appear other than they are; cast a spell making it look like there’s more than one of him; cast a protection spell; have to work out where to walk as there are trick stones that lead to traps.
  • Lastly, there’s a suggestion that Smaug is also looking for the Arkenstone.

So now you have all the information, please feel free to dissect it in the comment section below.


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