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Sophie Atkinson

The Smolderhalder recently posted an Instagram snap of himself seductively gnawing (yes, that's a thing) on the edge of a book. Nope, it wasn't Fifty Shades...

The whole thing's a lot weirder than you think, because as it turns out, it's a book his sister's written. Hmm. Seductive selfies of you licking your sister's first book? That's like, Lord Byron levels of kink-tastic, Mr Somerhalder.

The book describes Hogan's trials and tribulations when, as a model without health insurance, she got into a car gives a synopsis in the following:

"The beautiful actress/model/waitress has to use her sense of humor to survive a health insurance-less recovery that includes dealing with other problems besides her physical pain, including trying to stay vegan while on food stamps. Gorman explores the flaws in America's current healthcare system, and she also recounts her difficulties dealing with judges and social services. It might be sad to see just how difficult life can be without health insurance, but Gorman tries to keep her readers from pitying her too much by serving her story up with a good dose of humor."

Luckily, Ian rescued the situation with a pretty adorable caption:

"Hung out with my sister Hogan Gorman this weekend. You need to read her book 'Hot Cripple', it is female empowerment personified. If you are going through a hard time and deck seems stacked against you, this book will make you laugh your ass off, and remind you that nothing can keep a good woman down. WOMEN RULE."

Rrr. What's sexier than male endorsement of female empowerment? Ok, apart from that. Yeah, and back rubs. Ok, yes, and someone doing the washing up for you. Oh, yeah, and that too.

Alright, alright. Ok, so it's a little patronising, but well-intentioned, no?

What say you, The Sisterhood?


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