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Mark Newton

It must suck to get injured while making a movie, especially when it's going to be an awful one like The Smurfs 2. I mean, I wouldn't mind breaking my back for an Oscar-winner or something, but to bring those smug little blue mother-Smurfers to the big screen? No thanks. Now, imagine seriously injuring yourself inside a massive toy store which, as everyone knows, is the happiest place on Earth. That would just be terrible, right?

According to TMZ, this is exactly what happened to a construction worker who had an accident on the set of The Smurfs 2. Ryan Rodriguez will be suing Columbia Pictures, Sony Entertainment and famed New York toy store FAO Schwarz for $15 million after he fell from scaffolding while building a set inside the store. Rodriquez claims the toy store, which was being used as a filming location back in May 2010, had failed to provide a safe environment to work in. As a result of his injuries Rodriguez states he is now unable to return to his line of work, effectively ruining his life and leaving him feeling rather 'blue'.

I usually side with the little guys in these situations (and I don't mean the Smurfs). I'm sure Sony Entertainment can spare some pocket change to help a guy whose royally Smurfed his back up. Plus, if you haven't figured it out already, I really, REALLY hate the Smurfs.

A judge has yet to rule in the case, but which way would you choose if it was up to you? Let us know below!


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