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After Warner Bros.' San Diego Comic-Con panel, fans became even more excited about the direction in which the DCEU was heading, thanks to the announcement of the Flash movie becoming Flashpoint. In essence, it could change everything we thought we knew about the continuity of the DCEU.

With that news, and the troubled production on , many fans held onto lingering doubts and fears about where DC was taking Batman. With rumors of Ben Affleck wanting to part ways entirely and the total script rewrites, fans were skeptical about the future of the Bat. But a very brief Snapchat ad could solidify hopes for Affleck's Batman yet.

At 10 seconds it's rather brief, but it very clearly shows the team descending on a lift to Batman's secret hideout while Bruce Wayne nonchalantly introduces them to Alfred:

I've brought some friends.

Now, that may not strike the average fan as entirely odd, but looking back at the history of Batman we've known for a long time that Batman just kinda does whatever he wants, because you know - he's . It's one of the more overlooked qualities of Batman's role in the DC Universe considering that often we see partnerships and team-ups among the various superheroes, but Batman has always tended to stick within his Bat-family of characters, wary of trusting others with his secret. I'm not saying that it's a well-guarded secret, but he prefers to stick to solo for most missions.

The Bat That Trusts Is The Greatest Bat Of All

Bruce Wayne Scowl Cranked To 11 [Credit: Warner Bros / DC]
Bruce Wayne Scowl Cranked To 11 [Credit: Warner Bros / DC]

In the quick promo, simply bringing , , and into the Batcave is an interesting move for the World's Greatest Detective given his history for separating Gotham from the rest of the universe's problems. Yet, it seems the DCEU's version of Batman has no qualms with sharing his secret with the Justice League members as he recruits them to face off against Steppenwolf and eventually Darkseid.

This short advert points out that the Batman in the seems to have faith in humanity again, which is something that other versions of the Bat have not been able to say. It's exciting to think that we could be seeing a unique twist on Batman coming into the DCEU, and it makes the solo Batman movie all the more intriguing considering that is behind the camera now with a new script.

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17th, 2017 and will show the team try to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

What do you think, will we see a less gloomy Batman moving forward?


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