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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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If you're an adult who ever contemplated going on holiday with your mom, even for one horribly misguided moment, the new trailer for Amy Schumer's mom-daughter comedy Snatched is here to remind you that you definitely dodged a bullet.

'Snatched' [Credit: Fox]
'Snatched' [Credit: Fox]

In , Emily (Schumer) is an adventurous 30-something who jets off on a sunny vaycay with her cautious mom Linda (Goldie Hawn). Everything goes swimmingly well — a crazy-hot stranger even chats Emily up at the bar — until mom and daughter find themselves kidnapped and forced to embrace their inner bad bitches in order to escape their hell-in-paradise.

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Think of it as Taken with less Liam Neeson and more vagina jokes and you're just about there. Check out the new Snatched trailer below:

For Hawn (real-life mom of Kate Hudson), Snatched is a big-screen comeback after fifteen years away from Hollywood, and at 71 she looks undeniably bangin'. The cast also includes reliable funny guy Ike Barinholtz (Suicide Squad, The Mindy Project) and comedienne Wanda Sykes. Schumer wrote the script with her sister.

Snatched hits theaters on Mother's Day weekend, May 12.

'Snatched' [Credit: Fox]
'Snatched' [Credit: Fox]

Will you be taking a vaycay to remember with Amy and Goldie on Mother's Day?


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