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Everyone in Mystic Falls has been so tied up in getting Elena () the cure recently, but now we're starting to hear what it might mean for everyone else on The Vampire Diaries. In a sneak peek clip for Season 4, Episode 13, called "Into the Wild," the new vampire asks Damon whether he'd take it.

Not surprisingly, the elder Salvatore is a little cagey. However, lots of people have been asking this question, and the actor is pretty adamant that it's the last thing Damon would want to do.

That could be a serious issue later on, if Elena takes the cure. But in the meantime, Elena has bigger problems, in the form of 's Rebekah. Damon tells her that Stefan () only brought the Original sister to the mysterious island to prove he is over his ex. Ouch!

Maybe Stefan just wanted someone to cosy up to out in the middle of nowhere:

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"Into the Wild" airs on Thursday 8/7c on The CW. Are you excited?


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