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Napoleon is one of the most revolutionary and prominent characters in world, let alone, European history. As the Emperor of France, he took a nation which had just suffered the upheaval of revolution and created an empire which began to rival that of Prussia, Russia and even Britain. He fundamentally changed the nature of warfare, introducing assault columns and self-contained corps which still have an effect on war-fighting today.

Napoleon's story is epic and huge. From his days in Corsica, to his escape from Elba and his triumphant return to France, to his ultimate defeat at Waterloo, and final exile to St Helena. It's a tale of unprecedented scope and scale. I mean, you've got to be pretty damn important for an entire period of conflict to be named after you personally.

The film adaptation demands a director of renown and proven ability, unfortunately Warner Bros. has picked instead. Yeah, that's right. The bloke who directed Snow White and the Huntsman and is primarily famous for feeling up on a bridge.

According to Deadline, the biopic, which was written by The Killing and Damages scribe, Jeremy Doner will be a 'Scarface-esque' take on the tale of the French leader. So that's strike two for history-obsessed arm chair generals like me...

If the choice of Sander as director isn't an insult enough to history nerds, the choice to make the story of one of Europe's most important characters 'Scarface-esque' certainly is. The story is interesting enough without throwing in flashy shirts, angry one-liners and mountains of cocaine. Well, never-mind, I've always got War and Peace and the proposed directed version of Napoleon's life...

What do you think? Do you actually like the sound of this 'historical' biopic? Let me know below.


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