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In the wake of married director and famously not-single getting caught having an affair last year, and the following cheating scandal that rocked the gossip mags for weeks, Universal Studios naturally distanced themselves a little from the actress and her future projects. That includes getting cagey every time the subject of a The Huntsman was brought up.

The scandal, coupled with a solid - but not exactly bank-breaking box office return considering the $200 million investment - has understandably made the studio slow to move forward with the project. During yesterday's Universal Studios CinemaCon presentation in which they unveiled their short-term plans to theater owners, however, the studio confirmed that they were moving forward with a Snow White sequel. And that sequel is set to be released in 2015.

We know that Stewart is definitely returning. We know that Sanders is definitely not. And we now know that the movie has been given a 2015 release date. So... that's about it. But with a release date for what will presumably be a CGI-heavy film set two years from now, we can expect news of a writer, director, and returning or new cast member to start trickling in.

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