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Dania Lerman

77 years ago, the timeless and beloved Snow White was brought into our world. But since then, secrets and criticisms have begun to spill, and it's starting to seem that that the Snow just... ain't so white. Here's why:

1) It was Hitler's favorite movie.

He literally thought it was the greatest movie ever made.

2) Adriana Caselotti (voice of Snow White), was forbidden to ever sing in a movie again.

Walt Disney wanted to keep Snow White's voice a special one-time sound, and held Caselotti, a classically trained singer, to a strict contract that kept her silent.

3) Lucille La Verne, voice of the Old Witch, read her lines without her dentures.

She was told, on the spot, to speak with an older, raspier voice, so she pulled her teeth out and gave it a go.

4) Snow White's uncomfortable sexual undertones have long continued to raise their 7 heads...

...from the emphasis on physical attractiveness to the dwarves as lustful objects, sexual controversy has followed Snow White from its inception.

5) Hiter wasn't alone - Snow White was a big hit in the Third Reich.

Nazis happily found it supported their belief that "the soul is racially determined and its characteristics manifest themselves on the body." (Nordic Beauty, 1937)

6) Leading animator Ward Kimball was bribed not to quit the production.

Furious after his main sequences were cut, he was offered full responsibility over Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio) in order to stay.

7) Convinced it would fail, Hollywood labeled the film "Walt Disney's Folly".

77 years later, Snow White can be labeled lots of things - but a failure? Heck no.

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