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Matt Carter

Clearing proving that people in South Korea are not as dumb as their Middle America peers (Harvey Weinstein's thoughts, not mine), Snowpiercer continues to dominate at the South Korean box office. According to Variety, 's English-language debut has sold a staggering 6.445 million tickets since it's August 1st opening, earning a mightily impressive $41.05 million at the box office.

Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic rail-road movie that takes place on a train that endlessly traverses the frozen wastelands of Earth. The passengers on board are all that remains of humanity, but are divided into an elaborate caste system that separates the haves from the have nots.

The movie is due to land on U.S shores later this year, but there is controversy surrounding The Weinstein Company's decision to cut 20 minutes from the movie to make it more palatable for a North American audience. Apart from this decision being incredible insulting to people living in the U.S., the strong box office showing in South Korea suggests that Snowpiercer is an engaging and thought provoking piece of work that deserves to be seen in its uncut form.



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