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Any awards ceremony is always going to come with a bit of controversy, and the 2017 is no exception. Although nobody was surprised to see La La Land come out on top, there were some definite surprises tonight. In fact, in some cases even the winners themselves seemed taken off guard when they beat their competition.

So who should have taken home a Golden Globe that didn't? Here's your guide to some of the more controversial defeats...

1. Mahershala Ali - 'Moonlight'

In a surprising twist, Mahershala Ali's tremendous performance in failed to net him Best Supporting Actor. He played a local drug dealer who became a father-figure to a young boy named Chiron, and Ali immediately connected with the role. According to an interview with E! Online, he was absolutely blown away just reading the script for Moonlight.

"I actually cried a couple of times because it was just so beautiful on paper. It was a tough read but you could really connect with the characters. It felt so human."

Sadly, Ali was beaten by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who barely seemed able to believe the result.

It didn't take long for this to become controversial, with THR revealing that Nocturnal Animals had heavily courted members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - so heavily that members were asked to return the gifts!

(Sources: EOnline, The Hollywood Reporter)

2. Sterling K. Brown - 'The People v O. J. Simpson'

Although Sterling K. Brown's tremendous performance in had already netted him an Emmy Award, he was wise not to assume he'd earn a Golden Globe as well. In an interview with the Washington Post, Brown cautioned not to put the cart before the horse. The winner was Hugh Laurie, and even he seemed shocked, calling his win "a terrible mix-up":

(Source: The Washington Post)

3. Ryan Reynolds - 'Deadpool'

'Deadpool'. [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Deadpool'. [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Superhero fans the world over watched the 2017 Golden Globes with an eager sense of anticipation. 2008's The Dark Knight was the last (and only) superhero film to win at the Globes, but this year the Merc With A Mouth had made his astounding debut. Unfortunately for , he was up against Ryan Gosling's performance in La La Land, which was pretty much guaranteed to triumph. That's what happens when the categories for Musical and Comedy are combined!

It would have been so entertaining to see crash the Golden Globes, but sadly the truth is that this year's competition in this category was too fierce. Still, at least Deadpool got to live out one of his comic book fantasies, and make out with Spider-Man:

4. 'Stranger Things'

'Stranger Things'. [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things'. [Credit: Netflix]

It's been an exciting year for Netflix, with two of their Netflix Originals going head-to-head in two categories. and The Crown gave one another fierce competition in Best Television Series - Drama and Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama. The truth is, most had expected cult hit Stranger Things to win, but instead The Crown triumphed not once, but twice. In the end, it was Claire Foy who took the Best Performance award for her starring portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

While cult favorite may not have won, Claire Foy's speech was at least one of the most endearing of the night.

5. Andrew Garfield - 'Hacksaw Ridge'

[Credit: Summit Entertainment]
[Credit: Summit Entertainment]

Andrew Garfield's performance in has been critically acclaimed, and fans were expecting the former Spider-Man to leave with a win. Sadly for Garfield, he was trumped by Casey Affleck, whose performance in Manchester By The Sea evidently outshone Garfield's.

This was a close one; both actors performed exceptionally. But the outcome definitely wasn't what we expected!

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So there you have it - five controversial losers in the 2017 Golden Globes! As is always the case, some of them will be soon forgotten, but others are sure to inspire heated debate. One thing's for sure, though - this year, every category had some serious competition!


Which of these shows or actors do you think most deserved to win?

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