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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

has always been a big guy. Pro wrestler, the Scorpion King. He's not quite Napoleon Dynamite, is he? Regardless, the buff must get buffer, as he's now set to play Hercules, and Hercules sure ain't no slouch in the muscle department.

Johnson's had to work hard recently to get the right physique for the role. The side benefits of this were The Rock deciding to share his advice with the masses on how to get our flabby selves into shape.

So, ditch those misguided raw eggs, odd-tasting protein shakes or whatever else you're doing, and follow The Rock's guide to getting rocked.

First up for his 5.3 million Twitter followers (alongside a vid of him lifting weights, just to show you how damn hefty the man is):

"Be intense, be hungry. Be prepared to get kicked outta the gym. "

Intense, hungry - sure, I can do that. But being prepared to be kicked out of the gym? God, his gym hours must be torturous. And gyms up n' around America better get used to an avalanche of users refusing to budge at closing time!

"Challenge yourself to be better daily," he then said. "When its you vs. you all adds up to success. Commit to being great at what you do. Be relentless."

He's got a knack for keywords. 'Success'. 'Great'. 'Relentless'. 'Challenge'. The Rock could be a great life coach. So what's next? Should my programme be legs one day, Or should I diversify and indulge in some Zumba cardio? But...that's it. The muscle King has no more advice

Yes, I hoped for more here. All the thousands of sprightly chaps looking for some extra pizazz in their biceps want some secret ingredient, some (legal) magic. But all The Rock has to say is - ? How does this hashtag help in the quest for the irresistible body? Pah.

I suggest we all look at the diet The Rock has said he is taking on right now (and Mr Wolvey is aping) for some better guidance. Day-by-day he consumes 5000 calories, which equates to three pounds of meat and cup of lion cup. 2000-2500 is typical, so you've gotta stuff yourself here guys.

According to Livestrong, that's 6 meals a day (getting all those calories in 3 meals is far too much). They've given examples of your meals, and it looks both hard work (who has THIS much appetite?) and expensive (the supermarket will love you!). But when you wanna look like Hercules, a boys gotta do what a boys gotta do...

Anyway, stay tuned to his Twitter - maybe he'll be more forthcoming about how he has managed to look so damn beastly. Or he won't. In that case perhaps we'll have to content ourselves with seeing Johnson's rippling pectorals on kicking major Thracian ass on July 25.



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