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Is the Robsten gossip more interesting when they're happily together, or split up?

Well, if you're a fan of the break-up narrative, this story isn't one that's gonna get your gossip senses tingling. But for fans of the couple, who just want them to sort things out, it's time to rejoice.

Yes, Robert and Kristen may, just may, be getting back together!

So, the key date for you all to remember. It all went down August 4th. So, that casual Sunday you spent spring-cleaning, relaxing with friends in the park or spent harassing your hangover to go away was also a monumental day in history. Just like when Stalin met Churchill and Truman at Potsdam, Robert popped down to see Kristen at her house. EARTH-SHATTERING STUFF.

And a source (who most likely wasn't at said conversation and instead was sat inside a pub cooking up this story for some extra bucks) has said to US Weekly that it was "a very intense conversation". Even more interesting - "They will probably pick up where they left off, Rob is obsessed with her."

But I hear what ya'll saying - Rob didn't seem too obsessed with her, off gallivanting with , and . Or was that all just a cover, a way of him dealing with the heartbreak? Who knows.

Pals of KStew say she's just as bereft, so it seems like they'll get back together. "She can't seem to get over him:" Even working on the hard-hitting soldier drama Camp X-Ray can't do it, so getting back together is the logical decision.

Well, I'll just be glad for the dogs. Splitting up Bear and Bernie is criminal and I'm glad the pair can stay together.

How does everyone feel about the potential and reunion?



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