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Sarah Gibson

Have you ever noticed how, despite her grade-A grungy style, former Twilight star Kristen Stewart has an impeccably flawless complexion?

The New Year is always a tough time for our skin, with the cold weather and the central heating - as well as the inevitable Christmas time indulgence of alcohol and chocolate - and not to mention KStew's own personal Robert Pattinson-induced stress.

But it looks as though Kristen is a big fan of drinking water, which has probably saved her from excessive photoshopping in these pics. Check out the fresh-faced 23-year-old beauty:

(Source: DailyMail)

C'mon, Rob - look at that gorgeous face. Quit messing around and give the girl another go!

What do you guys think of KStew's look? Does she have the natural beauty to pull off her grungy attire? Drop your Kristen comments below!



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