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Ever since news broke that AMC is working on a companion show for The Walking Dead, fans of the undead hit have been wondering how it will fit into the universe. Speaking to MTV, producer gave us a few morsels of what to expect. Well, make that more what not to expect.

"It's very early in the process," Hurd told MTV, "But we realized it was likely to leak the minute we started initial discussions... And that's why the announcement was made." Hurd says that concepts are still being batting around concepts, but the biggest news from the conversation is that the new spin-off won't be an anthology dealing with TWD's highly successful webisodes. "I do think the webisodes serve that purpose," Hurd said. "Every year, they explicate a bit of backstory that fits in a character or theme you've seen in the series. That's what I think is so fantastic about them. They're expanding the world and the mythology of The Walking Dead."

We're still two years away from this show being brought to life, so it's going to be a while before we have any real info. Until then, we'll continue to enjoy The Walking Dead (season 4 is almost here!) and update you with any new developments as they come in.

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