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David Latona

In this year's edition of the Teen Choice Awards, neither nor co-star showed up to receive their joint award in the category Choice Movie: Romance. Many Twilight fans immediately started speculating that the teenage idols didn't attend the ceremony due to their recent breakup, but the reason for the no-show turned out to be much simpler than that: K-Stew was busy working.

According to E! News, the 23-year-old was occupied at that time with filming for her upcoming movie, Camp X-Ray. Over the weekend, the film was shooting scenes in Whittier, CA, so the actress wasn't able to make it to the blue carpet before the Gibson Theater and pick up her surfboard.

Stewart's absence was marked by its unusualness, as the Twilight stars are teen favorites and generally frontrunners for grabbing many an award. Last year, she attended with the rest of the saga's main cast, namely Pattinson and , to accept the Ultimate Teen Choice Award for their work in the bloodsucking franchise. The movies have garnered an impressive total of 48 TCAs over the years.

K-Stew and Rob ended their four-year relationship a little over three months ago, for reasons which we shall not discuss in this post. Kristen made headlines in the last couple weeks with her confrontation with a paparazzo.



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