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Sons of Anarchy showrunner has continued his verbal war with AMC over the departure of The Walking Dead's showrunner . Having already slammed AMC as being run by "small minded, bottom line thinkers", Sutter has now released a 12-minute YouYube video explaining what it takes to be a showrunner, having a dig at The Walking Dead creator , and finally giving some predictions for the future of the show. Check it out:

Sutter clearly thinks that the show will suffer in the long run if they keep firing their showrunners, and I agree with him. When Frank Darabont was fired at the beginning of the Season 2 I truly feared for the future direction of the show. Luckily, they managed to get Mazzara on board, who was able to come in and steady the ship. Will they be able to do it a second time?

AMC clearly has a ratings winner on its hands with The Walking Dead, so they would be foolish to mess with a winning formula. That being said, we're not privy to what has gone on behind closed doors. Perhaps there really were huge creative difference and this was the only logical step forward. I hope they know what they are doing because there are a hell of a lot of fans out there, myself included, that sincerely hope they don't f**k it up.

What do you think about AMC's decision to let Mazzara go? Is it a bold move or a foolish mistake? Is Sutter right that the show will suffer in the long run? Let me know your thoughts below.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th at 9/8c on AMC.



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