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Due to sprained vocal chords, is currently unable to speak. Thankfully, her voice was still intact when she was filming a funny new commercial in Kiev, Ukraine, in which she co-stars with actor Kristian Nairn ( of Game of Thrones fame) and gets to speak about one of her pet subjects: preserving the environment by reducing the use of plastic.

In the latest ad campaign for sparkling water maker Sodastream entitled "The Homoschlepiens," The Big Bang Theory actress plays a field researcher in the year 2136, where plastic bottles are a thing of the past and are only seen as exhibits in places such as the Museum of Unnatural History.

At the museum, Bialik informs a group of school children about her last expedition to observe the last living tribe of Homoschlepiens a.k.a. humans who won't drink water or sparkling water unless it comes from a plastic bottle. Nairn plays an "alpha male" from the tribe who tries to convince Bialik to drink water from a plastic bottle. Although they have their differences, Bialik's affection for Nairn grows — scientifically speaking, of course.

Bialik On Why She Sees The SodaStream Campaign As A Perfect Fit For Her

Good intentions aside, the primary purpose of the commercial is, of course, to push SodaStream's products, a line of home-carbonation systems that allows people to make their own sparkling sodas at home.

Bialik, who is a neuroscientist in real life, and plays one on The Big Bang Theory, explains why she decides to work with SodaStream in a behind-the-scenes video.

"It actually feels really nice to be part of a campaign that has such a strong emphasis on the environment and on reducing our impact. I think a lot of people are overwhelmed by what we can do for the environment, so this shows there is a playful perspective on ways we can make changes for the planet."

An environmentalist from a young age, the actress also explained in an email interview with Adweek on why working on the SodaStream campaign was a perfect fit for her.

As a species, we have evolved so much, but much as we know plastic bottles pollute our environment and kill marine life, we continue to use them. Single-use plastic bottles should be a thing of the past and belong in a museum. I think that the future lies in reduction at the source. This is what SodaStream stands for, and it’s why I am so happy to be a part of this campaign. Single-use plastic bottles are an example of consumption which really makes no sense.

Meanwhile, Irish actor/DJ Nairn has been making humorous commercials of late, often mimicking his Hodor character from , such as the recent one he did for KFC. In the same SodaStream behind-the-scenes video, he reveals what it was like to work with star.

"I was pleased to find (Mayim) is exactly what I imagined. She's lovely, a very lovely person. She is a lot of fun to work with."

SodaStream Ads: Quirky But Controversial

Israeli company SodaStream is known for their quirky albeit controversial videos. Its 2014 ad campaign that starred Scarlett Johansson was banned from the Superbowl ad lineup for taking a one-liner potshot at soda makers Coca-Cola and Pepsi, though it did go on to become a viral hit, garnering over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

Then for the company's 2016 "Shame and Glory" ad campaign — in which Nairn's former Game of Thrones colleagues Hannah Waddingham (Septa Unella) and Thor Bjornsson (The Mountain) reprise their roles from the popular television series — faced backlash from a bottled water association in Australia for unfairly targeting bottled water over other soft drinks. Nonetheless, the ad, which parodied the classic scene of Cersei Lannister being stripped and paraded through Kings Landing to the cries of "Shame!" was watched over 2.2 million times.

Since its launch yesterday, "The Homoschlepiens" SodaStream ad has already garnered more than 3.9 million views. Let's see if there will be any major controversy arising this time.

Mayim Bialik will return for Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory in September 2017 on CBS. The new season of Games of Thrones will premiere on July 17 on HBO.

What do you think of the latest SodaStream ad? Funny or preachy? Let us know in the comments below.


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