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David Latona

Hello there! Today, for show and tell, we've got a pic recently uploaded by one of the co-stars in the show Modern Family, featuring 's wonderful booty! Since there's not much I can write about this image, which shows the terrific form of the 41-year-old Colombian bombshell's behind clad in tight spandex, I've decided to freestyle a little tribute to what has to be one of Sofía's most valuable assets:

Sofía Vergara's a marvelous beauty,

Some might even call her a cutie.

Therefore, 'tis my solemn duty

To briefly inform you of her booty.

Her derriere is certainly quite round,

Her buttocks in volume abound,

A rear end I can unwaveringly commend,

A superior posterior to attend.

My God! What a heinie,

Buns most definitely not tiny,

This lass has an ass, oozing such class

It even looks polished and shiny.

Ahem. Here's the pic:

Via drunkenstepfather.


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