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Now, there are few things that the internet loves more than celebrities doing zany things, and superheroes. Other than sharing adorable (and/or absolutely horrifying) memes about cute animals, they're pretty much the SFW-corner of the web's favorite things to obsess over, and to turn into remarkably realistic fan art.

Put the two together, then, and you have something pretty darned remarkable — especially when the celebrity in question is a genuine comedy superstar, and the superhero is the ever-so-zeitgeist-y Wonder Woman. And so, cue the music, and get that drum roll going, because...

Sofia Vergara Just Dressed Up As Wonder Woman, And It Was Just As Incredible As It Sounds

Yup, that's right. That's a picture of one of the funniest comic performers of her generation dressed up as Wonder Woman. On a screen in front of you. Being — for lack of a less technical term — completely and utterly adorkable. Which, seeing as a major part of Vergara's television success on the still wildly popular Modern Family has come from the fact that her outward glamour hides one of the best senses of comic timing in television, probably shouldn't be as much of a surprise as it initially seems.

The best part, though? Vergara's caption of "secret proyect" seems to indicate that what we're seeing in the above image is a behind-the-scenes look at an imminent Modern Family Halloween special, what with it adopting her character Gloria's trademark accent and all. Meaning that we likely don't have too long to wait to see Vergara wring that Wonder Woman costume for every gag that it's worth in just a few short weeks. After all, with Modern Family set to return for its eighth season on September 21, and Halloween now just around the corner, the costume seems likely to turn up by episode six at the latest. Possibly in more than one location...

While we wait, though, we can always just spend the next month daydreaming about how much fun a fully comedic Justice League movie starring Vergara as Wonder Woman, Will Arnett as Batman and, of course, the perennially Man-of-Steel-obsessed Jerry Seinfeld as Superman would be. Perhaps Joe Manganiello's recent casting as Deathstroke for the real-life DCEU could open up a portal to that particular alternate dimension so we can all bask in such comedic insanity?

Want more on that, and other Justice League-related developments, though? We've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think of Sofia Vergara's take on Wonder Woman, and who else would you like to see in that imaginary comedic Justice League movie? Let us know below!


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