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Sofia Vergara is really winning at life right now, especially after being named TV's highest paid actress for the third year in a row. And now, it appears that after making an eye-watering $41.5 million over the last year, the Modern Family star is more determined that ever to give a little back.

During an interview on the Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress shared details about her new business and the wonderful things she wishes to achieve with her profits.

Chatting about her underwear brand called EBY, she said:

"It means 'Empowered By You.' And this is a subscription to underwear and you receive [it] in this little box every month, or every two months, or every four months. And when you get this amazing underwear, it's spectacular, we are giving 10 percent net of the proceeds to empower women. "

The aim is to assist women to open their own businesses and to fund new ventures. Sofia Vergara, are you actually an angel descended from heaven? We think so!

Here's the clip from the interview:

Isn't it wonderful that Sofia Vergara is trying to empower women in such a unique way?


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