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Horror fans have been patiently buzzing about 's eagerly anticipated horror film, The Lords of Salem. The buzz will get even stronger, with a creepy new clip having just been released by (

Starring Zombie's wife, , the clip focuses on her character, Heidi, as she hangs out at a friend's house and things start to get, well, bloody. Bloody and faceless guys freaky. See for yourself by clicking HERE (sorry, everyone, EW is adamant about not letting anyone embed their videos, so you'll have to go there for the clip).

Moon Zombie stars as Heidi, a radio DJ in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts, and former substance abuser. She receives a "gift from the Lords", a strange wooden box containing a record. She listens, and the song triggers visions and hallucinations as strange things start to occur. Is she truly seeing visions? Is she back on drugs? Is she simply losing her mind? Or are the "Lords of Salem", the real witches burned alive during the trials, back to seek their revenge on the town that put them to death?

The horror flick also stars , , , , , , , and . Horror fans won't have to wait long for the movie's release, as it's due in theaters April 19th.


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