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It seems like there's always talk of an The X-Files or X-Files 3 movie happening. That's the same way it was for the first two films. Unfortunately, they just kind of came and went because they failed to capture the essence of what made the series so appealing to begin with. However, ever since series creator started talking about how a third movie could happen and it wouldn't ignore the fact that the extraterrestrial colonization date has passed. He even went on to say that he'd want to join the cast.

Pegg has heard Carter loud and clear and much to every X-Files geek's delight, he seems to be on board. Speaking with The Sun (via Bloody Disgusting), Pegg said:

"I was a big fan of The X Files and I've become friends with Gillian since," said Pegg. "I've always loved that show so it's definitely something I'd consider. It's a great story and it would be nice to see it continue [but] it has to be with and with ."

Fox, make this happen! Now!

Do you want more X-Files? Let me know! The truth is still out there after all.


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