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Oh, hot damn, the event of the year (lifetime?) for Doctor Who fans is almost upon us. And by that I mean, of course, the Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary special, which is set to be 75 minutes long and simulcast all over the world (no, really, the entire world).

Just in case you weren't quite excited enough, the BBC has dropped a ton of new stills and promo shots for the upcoming special. Check 'em out, and, more importantly, get excited.

(Source: Doctor Who Brasil via CBM)

Why does Rose look like she crawled out of a dumpster? Has living with a doppleganger Doctor (Doctorganger?) who has no real job skills been that hard on her? Are they homeless? Has she gone all Bad Wolf on us? Did she go and get herself trapped in a parallel universe again? What the hell happened to her?! Something has clearly gone wrong here. I need to know these things.

Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor is hitting our eyeballs all across the world on Saturday, November 23.

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