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The Flash and Supergirl crossed over into another dimension full of tap shoes and musical mobsters this week, courtesy of the Music Meister (Darren Criss). The "Duet" reunited him with his previous Glee co-stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist in a touching musical featuring covers and original songs by award-winning writers.

While some of the show's cast members are notoriously musically inclined—like Supergirl's , whose career began on Broadway—we also were pleasantly surprised to find that a few more of the show's stars have been hiding some pretty impressive pipes, such as The Flash's , who belted out one of the first numbers.


All in all, the special musical episode of was just plain feel good, reuniting two pairs of broken lovebirds and giving team Flash and Supergirl a much-needed break from fighting the season's big bads. Bringing music to a superhero show and doing it well was not an easy task, but producer Greg Berlanti met the challenge flawlessly and the episode was brilliantly fun and whimsical. It was in the style of the classic musicals of yesteryear such as West Side Story, but with less camp and just enough music.

So exactly what music did we hear our favorite superheroes croon in "Duet"? Here's a recap!

"Moon River" - Performed by Melissa Benoist

"Moon River" is a song originally performed by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast At Tiffany's. And while it wasn't the strongest song of the episode, sounded and looked beautiful as she serenaded the audience of the 1920's style club the Music Meister sent her Barry to for an unknown reason. The two soon discover that in this world they are paid performers of the club owned by none other than and 's Malcolm Merlyn, or should we say, Cutter Moran.

Jazz fingers, everyone! "Put A Little Love In your Heart" originally by singer Jackie DeShannon served as owman,

Jazz fingers everyone! "Put A Little Love In your Heart," originally by singer Jackie DeShannon, served as The Flash musical's big opening number and, boy, did it deliver. Winn (Jordan) led the number as only a seasoned Broadway star could do belting out some majorly incredible vocals. Seriously guys, go listen to Jordan's stuff, he's the real deal. But the real surprise came with Cisco (Valdez) giving Winn a run for his money and hitting some impressive notes fans had no idea he could hit.

Not to mention how amazing , a veteran theater actor, was as well. This number was pure gold delivering musical magic with choreographed dances and all that jazz!

"More I Cannot Wish You"- Performed by Jesse L. Martin, John Barrowman and Victor Garber

You can't have a musical episode without an actual number from a Broadway musical in it, can you now? In one of the more hilariously upside-down moments of the episode, Millie's (aka Iris West), dads Joe () and Professor Stein () sing of all the things they dream for their beautiful little girl in the number originally from the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls. Barrowman also sings a verse to his son, Tommy aka Mon-El, after Tommy tells him he's in love with their enemy's daughter, Millie.

The three men sing the song beautifully and among all the hilarity it actually brings about a really touching moment. Also, man, these three can sing.

"Super Friend" -Performed by Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist

No doubt the most anticipated number of the musical episode was and 's duet, bringing full circle their time together as co-stars on Glee and now on the CW. "Super Friend" was an original song that found the superheroes singing about how they always would have each other's back. It felt like a nod to The Flash's favorite musical "Singin' In The Rain," with giggly banter in between verses, a little tap dancing, and a flip of a cane and a hat.

There is no denying Gustin and Benoist's adorable chemistry and fun dynamic and it really came through, and just like they sang:

There’s at least one power

That we both still have

And that’s the power of...friendship!


"Runnin' Home to You"- Performed by Grant Gustin

In a perfect round-up of a magical episode, Grant Gustin closed out the show with a solo, another original written just for The Flash by none other than the Oscar award-winning songwriters from La La Land. After both Iris and Mon-El save Barry and Kara with true love's kiss, Barry woos Iris with his voice in "Runnin' Home To You," telling her he never wants to be without her again.

Can't say how the days will unfold,

Can't change what the future will hold,

But I want you in it,

Every hour, every minute.

Iris West...will you marry me?

What was perfect about this song was that it wasn't overdone, and didn't feel out of place in a superhero show. I melted hearing Barry crooning his way back into Iris's heart and finally putting a ring on her finger. It was the perfect curtain closer for a magically musically episode of The Flash.


If you are like me you'll be singing "Super Friend" all week. "Duet" was the perfect breather from what's been a fairly dark season for the fastest man alive and his friends. The Music Meister wasn't there to do anything bad after all, just to bring them all closer together through a little song and dance. With as much musical talent as there is in both The Flash and Supergirl casts, I sincerely hope this isn't the last time they break out in song. I want an encore!

Also, sidenote, all the songs from tonight's episode are available to purchase on iTunes.

'The Flash' returns next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW


What did you think of The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover?


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