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If you're a fan of both The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, then hold onto your motorcycle helmets because SOA creator Kurt Sutter just tweeted something that may knock them off!

Former Sons Of Anarchy star, Harold Perrineau recently tweeted Sutter to express his joy that SOA would soon have its own spinoff titled Mayans MC. The series is said to be revolving around The Mayans gang, who were the rivals of SAMCRO in Sons of Anarchy and featured prominently in the first four seasons.

However, the best part was Sutter's joking response to Perrineau, saying that he'll having to collaborate with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to bring The Riding Dead to life, a Sons of Anarchy/Walking Dead crossover, in order to bring back Perrineau's SOA character, Damon Pope:

[Credit: Twitter/@sutterink]
[Credit: Twitter/@sutterink]

Obviously this was nothing more than just a touch of funny banter, but gathering by the fan response, there's definitely something in the idea of a crossover episode:

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Unfortunately it'd be a little hard to ever bring such a brilliant cross over to life, so for now I guess the best we can hope for is some sort of tip of the hat to either series hidden within an episode. But just imagine how cool it would be to see a character from the SOA world pop up in The Walking Dead, either in living or living dead form!? Damn you for seeding this impossible idea, Kurt Sutter!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12 and Mayans MC is currently in pre-production.


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