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Sons of Anarchy fans love the Mayans MC so much that they're getting their own spin-off show, but creator Kurt Sutter revealed that the beloved Latino crew were not originally intended to be a part of SOA. Speaking to Desde Hollywood, Sutter revealed that Mayans leader Emilio Rivera featured in the pilot as a member of SAMCRO!

"There was an original pilot that we shot with a different actor as Clay. We went back and we recast Clay obviously with Ron Perlman, and we had an opportunity to look at things that worked and that didn't work. Originally, I cast Emilio as a member of Sons Of Anarchy, as a character called Hawk, I believe."

Weird, huh? Check out the interview in this vid for more.

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Upon realizing that something didn't feel right with the Sons of Anarchy pilot, Sutter decided to keep Emilio around, but changed his character from 'Hawk' to the now-legendary Mayans leader Marcus Alvarez.

"We found that we wanted to simplify our characters. Ultimately, there wasn't room for that character. But, I had the idea for this other club that came out of California as well. And then, offered Emilio that part."


Which club would you most like to see a 'Sons of Anarchy' spin-off show about?


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