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Sons of Anarchy closed season 6 with a shocking (and extremely long) episode last Tuesday. The finale, titled A Mother's work centred around the two strong female characters: Tara and Gemma. In the end Gemma, the mother of of Jax, killed her daughter-in-law in an especially brutal way.

The two strong female characters's on-screen rivalry has divided the biker drama's fan-base. The most enthusiastic viewers of the show have formed two opposing fan legions, who have very different views about which SAMCRO woman is the most remarkable character: 's Gemma or 's Tara. As MTV reports, Sons creator has even "added fuel to the fire", tweeting that fans of Team Tara were "smart" while the supporters of Team Gemma were "dangerous."

Leading actress Katey Sagal, who is also the wife of the showrunner Sutter, has shared her own opinion about the rivalry. Obviously, she feels closer to her own character. Sagal told MTV News:

I do love Gemma, I love playing her. I love the psychology behind her.

She also commented on the show's fanbase, guessing that "more dangerous girls" are watching the show:

I like to think I'm more dangerous, but I'm also pretty smart, so it's a toss-up. It's such an interesting thing that there's 'Team one' and 'Team the other,' but I guess that's the fanbase and that's where that goes. I would imagine, though, that there are more dangerous girls watching our show than smart ones — or maybe a combination of both smart and dangerous.

Sagal also confessed that it was tough for her as an actress to play a character who commits heinous crimes:

This season is the most we've seen of her conscience, and so those have been tough places [to go as an actress]. When you're a person, I would imagine, that lives with a lot of heinous acts around her and in despicable situations, to certainly have some kind of awareness of that — that's uncomfortable truths, as well. All of it's pretty fascinating. It's really interesting to play somebody like her that has so many secrets and walks with all that.

You can watch the video interview here:

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(source: MTV)

What secrets do you think Gemma is hiding for Season 7?


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