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Considering the way things ended for the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, I don't think it will surprise fans to hear that TVLine has confirmed that Wendy () will be back for Season 6. Still, there's bound to be some complications due to how things went down last season between her and Jax ().

If you'll recall last season, Wendy, Jax's ex and mother of his oldest son, popped back into his life, clean and sober and ready to make amends with her son by any means necessary. And "by any means necessary" meant messing up Jax's life if it meant getting his cooperation. So Jax resolved the situation, uh, creatively, shooting her up with heroin in an effort to get her to fall off the wagon and spoil her chances at custody.

Now Tara () is in jail, and Wendy now has a clear path to Jax and her son. Maybe she finally has the chance to be the mom she never could be before. But we're not supposed to be rooting for Wendy, right? We're supposed to be rooting for Tara and Jax... aren't we? Well, not necessarily, says show creator :

She's the only one that's hit bottom and had to do some work on herself. And now she has some self-awareness, which none of those guys do.

Is he arguing that Wendy is actually the best suited for parenthood? In any case, it's an interesting idea, and bringing her character back for next season will definitely raise the stakes. It will be especially interesting to see if she manages to get herself back on the wagon and sober after what Jax did to her.

Sons of Anarchy returns to FX this fall, so [[follow]] along and we'll keep you updated.


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