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Viewers could witness the most shocking and brutal death in Sons of Anarchy's bloody history in the super long (1 hour and 51 minutes) Season Six finale on Tuesday, titled A Mother's Work. , playing the head of the family and the mother of Jax (), has recently described the latest season of the biker drama as very sad and emotional. She also predicted that something heartbreaking is going to happen in Jax and Tara's relationship. Now we know what she was referring to. The show's executive producer has shared some details about the surprising twist. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tara () was murdered by Gemma (Sagal) in an especially brutal way: she was drowned in a sink full of dirty dishwater. The Hollywood Reporter asked Sutter about the reasons of this decision and what it means for the future of the show. He answered:

I knew early on in the series. I won’t say from the very beginning, but fairly early on, I knew I wanted for that final season, Tara’s death to end Season Six.

The producer has also revealed that the idea was inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He wanted Jax and Tara's relationship to be just as heartbreaking as that of the most tragic romantic heroes:

I knew I wanted Tara's death to really feel like straight-up Shakespearean tragedy. And the device of mistaken information, it's right from Romeo and Juliet. I knew I wanted it to be visceral and just f***ing heartbreaking.

Sutter has declared that he himself had to grieve the death of his character. He told Yahoo TV:

I think my grieving period happened a long time ago, so it's interesting, seeing people's reaction to it. You realize how truly upsetting and devastating it is...

He also gave a reason why Tara had to finish her life in an extremely brutal way:

I knew I didn't want it to be a gun, I didn't want it to be a knife, so something as simple and as pedestrian as a sink full of dirty dishwater and a carving fork just felt not only simple, but just much more brutal and horrible.

Finally, he also shared a teaser about the final season with THR:

I would say that this is the season coming up where Jax needs to decide. There is no more debate. I think it’s the season where he’s in or out. Obviously we lay track to not just the emotional impact of the death of Tara, but [we ask] will it lead to revenge...

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Huffingtonpost)

So where do you think Tara's death will lead Jax? Will we see a brutal revenge in the final season?



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