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Warning: Spoilers for Sons of Anarchy on the way. Back away if you haven't seen the final episode.

The dust is starting to settle on the shocking events of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 and it's now time to turn our attention to the show's climactic Season 7. , who played Sheriff Eli Roosevelt on the show, has given his predictions for what might have planned for us in the final season and he foresees a lot of death, misery and a rotating dartboard.

He’s [Sutter] gonna kill everybody. He’s like, “Dude, I already sold another show and my wife [Katey Sagal] is attached to it. I’m gonna kill all you guys, one by one, real slow. Or I might just throw you on a plane and have it crash, a real Buddy Holly story.” [Laughs] He may not know what it is yet, but one day, he’s gonna wake up, he’s gonna step out of his bed in a big pile of dog s–t, he’s gonna slip and fall, and he’s gonna throw 10 darts and hit everybody on the dart board, and it’s going to be mayhem. And I can’t wait to see it. I really can’t. And I really hope that Unser [Dayton Callie] is the last motherf–ker standing. [Laughs] He hops into his Airstream. He kicks open the door. He takes a puff of a cigarette. He throws his cancer medicine out of the window, and he just says, “Ah, f— it.” Blackout.

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Knowing that Sutter is a fan of killing off his characters I think there's a fair chance that this prediction could come true.

Who do you think will bite the dust in Sons of Anarchy Season 7?




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