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SPOILERS! If you've yet to watch this week's Sons of Anarchy, look away now.

The last episode of 's Sons of Anarchy left us with a lot of uncertainty. Something BIG that happened in the final minutes of "Poenitentia": we were led to believe that ' character Tig Trager - the most violent member of the Motorcycle Club - is meeting his maker, after six seasons. Is he actually a goner, though?

Well, in a recent interview with TV Line, Coates revealed a few home truths that might not be what you were hoping to hear. Speaking about Tig, he revealed that, in fact:

You should be worried... Tig's got nine lives - but he should be a dead a few times by now.

And when asked if there is any remote possibility that Tig might survive what happened at the end of the last episode, Coates commented that:

Look, the greatest thing about Kurt Sutter['s writing] is that just when you think you know what's happening, you don't know what's happening. Just when you think you know what's going to go down, it doesn't go down. So, I will leave you with that. By the end of the third episode, everyone must think, 'That's it. Oh my God, please no.' But just keep watching because shit always seems to happen... This biker world that we live in is so crazy that anything can turn on a dime. And things do turn.

If Tig is killed, his death is perhaps a bigger loss to the show than even Opie's () back in Season 5. It also shows the complete turn Jax () has made, from being devastated watching Opie die, to being the man behind Tig's killing. Do you think Tig will make it out alive? Drop me your comments below!


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