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Woohoo! After a long, motorcycle-free summer, it's only a week until Sons of Anarchy Season 6 debuts on FX and show creator and thesp has already began appealing to his passionate fan base to ensure that ratings go up. Kurt Sutter has mad PR skillz and has been running competitions rewarding a fan who follows them on any of the big social media platforms if they increase their ratings. Sutter recently sent out the following to subscribers of his Blogger blog:

Hey Kids, as a reminder –

If we increase our SONS OF ANARCHY season 6 premier numbers by any percentage in the key demos, myself and some unwilling cast member will show up in your home town and take over your favorite bar, club or theatre and watch a season 6 Son’s episode with you, your friends and your highly dysfunctional family. (It will most likely be episode 610, 611 or 612. We can’t do the the finale because we are doing SOA AFTERWORD that night.)

We will come baring gifts, good cheer and basically disrupt your neighborhood and piss off all your neighbors. Fuck those neighbors, I hate those shitheads anyhow. With their stupid fucking non-permitted construction and their ugly faux stone wall and their ridiculous fucking purple pool… (sorry, I’m working out some local shit)

My plan is to tape the whole event for some awesome Season 6 DVD bonus material.

The winner will be chosen at random from social media. Anyone following my Twitter @sutterink or my Sutterink Facecock page will be eligible. Sorry, international fans, this one is limited to residents of these United States.

So please spread the word.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premier



It promises to be the most memorable season premier to date.

He also posted this video:


Would Sutter's competition inspire you to try and increase SOA's ratings?


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