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Sophie Atkinson

You guys! This just in: more casting news for Sons of Anarchy Season 6. The studio execs have announced that the talented (who you probably know best as Alex from Beauty and the Beast) will be joining the team for multiple episodes.

The suits behind the casting for Sons of Anarchy Season 6 have been keeping things vague, so we don't know for sure what her character will be yet, but we've got a pretty good guess.

Creator has already told us that during Season 6, SAMCRO will 'delve deeper into the escort world', so it seems likely that Regan will play an escort. This opens up a whole range of options for her character - there's definitely a chance that she could become Tara's new lover as Kurt Sutter also mentioned Tara would be having a lesbian experience while in jail, or conversely, maybe she'll have it off with Jax while wife Tara is in jail.

Bridget Regan isn't the only head-turning actress to join the cast. Deadwood's will also be joining Sons of Anarchy in Season 6 as a sultry madame.

Sutter's also made no bones about the fact that Sons of Anarchy season 6 will be its most violent season yet, which is definitely saying something after

Opie's gory death at the end of Season 5.

Are you excited that there's so much new blood joining the show in Season 6? Or do you think they should just focus on the cast that have already worked so well for Sons of Anarchy? Drop me a line below.


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