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Sons of Anarchy returns for its sixth and penultimate season in the fall and all evidence points to the premiere being a bloody, violent and extremely shocking affair. So controversial is the season opener that show creator has had to keep the sequence under wraps for fear that it'll be seen as a sensationalist stunt being used in order to garner more viewers.

Here's what he had to say to EW!

I feel like if it gets leaked, it’s going to be like, ‘oh, they’re doing it to be controversial to bring more eyes to the episode. Honestly, I’m worried more about that kind of blowback than people finding out about that event.

Sutter then went on to explain the thinking behind kicking off the new season in such dramatic fashion:

I’ve wanted to do that story for about three years. I knew obviously it would be somewhat controversial but I feel like as much as I wouldn’t do something just because it was controversial, I’m also not not going to do something because it’s controversial.

I feel like it’ll continue to play out and that’s the truth. I will also say that there’s a lot of blood and guts in my show and it’s the signature of the show, but I also feel like — and I feel like I’m not lying to myself when I say this — is that nothing is done gratuitously. The events that happen in the premiere are really the catalyst for the third act of [the series].

You had my curiosity Mr Sutter, now you've got my attention.

So what exactly is about to go down in Charming? Use the comment section below to share your theories on who's blood will spill when Season 6 premieres September 10th.



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