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Mark Newton

It looks like three new characters will be joining the Sons of Anarchy gang for Season 6. During a recent spoiler-filled chat over at E! Online, some person called Kristin spilled all the SoA beans. Check out what she said below, but obviously beware of spoilers:

SoA is set to begin filming soon, because we just caught wind that they are casting for the first episodes. A couple of characters will be introduced to this season: Mary Jane (a sexy and fearless head madam), Armeen, (a super sleazy director of an underground operation), and Gino, (a new right-hand man to [spoiler])!

Now, that final redaction came courtesy of Kristin, so at the moment we're still not sure who Gino will be teaming up with. Do you have some guesses? Let me know them below.

Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy comes to FX this fall.


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