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After the last shocking episode, where Jax shot his stepfather Clay, Sons of Anarchy continues its twisted story in December. Actors (Gemma) and (Juice) were happy to share some SPOILERS about the latest season, while hanging out with their fans at the Born To Ride Day Of The Dead Jam music and motorcycle festival.

Sagal described the new season of the television drama as "sad" and "very emotional". She, playing the head of the family, also suggested that something "heartbreaking" is going to happen in the relationship of her onscreen son, Jax (), and his wife Tara (). She was saying:

This season in particular is kind of sad, it's very emotional, you see a lot of the relationship between Jax and Tara. It's very heart breaking actually.

Jax and Tara reconnected a bit last week, but does this mean that they will part again?

Creator has never thought twice about killing key characters. Sagal, his actual wife, has noted that the good storytelling is the essential that makes the show so real:

There's a lot of things that actually go into developing the characters that we're portraying. The writing is where it starts then we all sort of commit to the situation we're in.

Rossi described the series, chronicling the life on an outlaw motorcycle club, as 100% fan based and was really enthusiastic about the story of the latest season:

This season is a true masterpiece of a story.

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The new episode, titled 'You Are My Sunshine', airs December 3 at 10/9. p. m. on FX.

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Judging from their enthusiasm, we can be prepared for more exciting twists. Do you think Jax and Tara will have a chance to really reconnect? Is the new episode going to be as intense as the actors suggest?


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