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Finally, Sons of Anarchy finally committed. After weeks of teasting, last week's episode of the FX show saw Clay's (Ron Perlman) formerly faithful stepson (and our hero) Jax (Charlie Hunnam) pull the trigger, right after Clay finally escaped from his prison hell.

To that end, we're all left wondering about what just how the shocking death will impact biker gang SAMCRO going forward. Sons of Anarchy series creator is notorious for keeping schtum on such issues, so we've been fishing around for details and here's what we've got about the show's next episode:

"You Are My Sunshine" will show the aftermath of Clay's death and hopefully answer the question of whether SAMCRO will continue to stand by Jax and what Tara will do with the boys. Although Jax and Tara made a small reconnection last week, that does not mean all is well, especially since Tara is in a tough spot and the DA wants blood now that Galen is dead.

There aren't many spoilers for the upcoming show which, as mentioned, is exactly how Sutter likes it. But in the latest promo for the show, Jax is heard reassuring us that, "Don't worry, it ends well." See for yourselves:

After watching the promo, what are your thoughts about the coming episodes? Will you be sad to see go? Will 's Jax and 's Tara manage to smooth things over?

Sons of Anarchy's "You Are My Sunshine" is the last episode before the series finale. It airs on December 3, 2013.

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