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Mark Newton

Now, this might not come as a major surprise to anyone familiar with Sons of Anarchy, but showrunner Kurt Sutter has revealed the season 6 will be pretty violent. In fact, he suggested it'll be the most violent yet!

Sutter revealed the news in a recent Twitter Q&A session. Most of the time he just provided pretty vulgar, but hilarious, answers to fans' questions but he did also reveal:

Well, with all the murder and blood-letting that occurred last season, it sounds like season 6 will be an all-round massacre.

But what could spur all this violence? Could it have something to do with Jax now finding himself in a position of power? Or what about his ex-wife Wendy suddenly arriving on the scene. There's certainly potential for some serious trouble.

What do you think? Are you glad SoA will be getting more violent, or do you think it'll detract from the story? Let me know below.


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